14 Jan

How much does the development of the website cost?

Web Development

Most of those, who have decided to conquer the online audience by promoting their own resource on the network, immediately ask the question “How much does the creation of websites in your agency cost?”. Not everyone understands that the answer to this question requires a number of refinements that at the initial stage it is easier for us just to give a link to the section containing the full price of our services. Only after the customer is aware of what he needs and what goals he wants to achieve with our help, we can begin a constructive dialogue. It is very important that our client imagines, how the site will help him to run the business, which competitors’ portals seem to him the most attractive. Speaking the same language helps us to make cooperation as efficient as possible.

What is the real price of creating the website?

Those, who say that the turnkey website can be made for just 500 dollars, are undoubtedly right — it is possible. Nowadays only the lazy hasn’t learned the basics, allowing to outline a simple business card in one day and to give the finished version to the customer by the evening. And if some relative has these skills, the whole event will be even free of charge. You get a website and … own it. The further fate of the site and its effectiveness is just your own concern.

However, if we make a little research of the market and do some simple calculations, we can come to the following numbers: one hour of work of a good programmer costs approximately 80-150 dollars. Website development, produced in the shortest possible time, costs around 2.5-5 thousand dollars. An ordinary man in the street is not aware of the fact that more than one person are responsible for the result. Programmer is just a cog in the well-coordinated mechanism, the expert in charge of the modules development of a complex project. Unnoticed are people who carry out the usability of the portal, conversion, filters, who is responsible for the site optimization and other invisible activities which also have to be paid.

“The same website”, but for 5000 dollars

Let’s examine situation where the creation of websites (Moscow) is trusted not to a random freelancer but to the serious agency, which business is already popular. They are all in the same office and work closely together. In this case, they thoroughly study and discuss every detail of the resource’s future life, its promotion strategy; make changes and adjustments which allow them to make it more efficient and profitable for the customer. Considering all costs, the minimum price limit of 5000 dollars for an interesting and useful website will be fully justified.

Referring to such a company, not everybody is aware of the pitfalls of its work. Typically, these firms cooperate with large customers, whose business has gained popularity. Renowned customers pay with a non-trembling hand about 20 000 dollars and even more for the creation of websites – not the lowest the price, indeed. Herewith the difference between the portals for 20 and 5000 dollars is not always easy noticed. Even overpaying for the company’s reputation, engaged in the development of Internet resources one need to be prepared for the fact that the worktime of its employees ends at 5 pm, and it will be quite difficult to get the necessary help on holidays. In addition, website support is provided by the attracted developer, whose operation is paid separately, and replacing him with a cheaper one is an almost impossible task.

When the time is one of the most important factors

Very often, customers are ready to pay more just for acceleration of the creation of an online store or other own website. For a price of 5000 dollars they expect the maximum efficiency – and they are often wrong. In our mind, the countdown starts from the beginning of the development of the online-product up to the moment, when the customer will receive the first profits from its functioning. That means the time, when the portal will be available for the keyword search query instead of the entered address from business cards. But, if ordering the website for 5000 dollars, you can count on getting new customers and revenue growth in 3-6 months, then the resource for 500 dollars can be buried in a year and you can go in search of alternative solutions.

We know the secret of the websites effectiveness: it is SEO-promotion.

Exactly this instrument will allow you to achieve Google loyalty and bring a virtual platform on the first search page. Its correctly using will manage the resource to perform its main task – to attract the target audience and increase sales, but not just to exist in the immense space of the Internet.

What to choose?

Our agency can offer you the creation of the website, more than for 500 dollars, but at least half the price than 5000. This does not mean that your web resource will be less expensive counterparts, it will not. The secret of its effectiveness and accessibility lies in the fact that we have eliminated all the unnecessary and expensive control systems herewith attracted the real professionals to the work. You will receive any help and consultation at any time, including evening hours and weekends. If necessary, you’ll be able to enter additional information on the pages of your website on your own, without resorting to the services of a programmer.

Team of the By Steps Agency concerns both small orders and the development of complex volumetric resources with the same responsibility. Our reputation is composed of hundreds of positive feedback, and we value each of them. Do not waste time on empty search – start making money by ordering the websites creation and promotion at our agency!

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