Branding and corporate identity for company that helps people with special needs


Work on the project «The Israeli Center of Digital Accessibility» has included a range of activities aimed at the development of communication policy of the organization. Conducted branding was aimed at creating a positive image of the company and the achievement of its recognition among the target visitors. In order to achieve this aim a special logo and corporate identity were designed.

The company’s logo includes the image of a person with disabilities who is holding an opened notebook on his knees. The picture shows the direction of the company, namely – digital adaptation for this category of people. The second important element of the logo is a styled mark of the letter “e”. It evokes the usual association with the Internet and complements the main idea. The combination of these two components helps to form a stable image of the company and ensure its memorization.

During the developing process of the visual style of corporate identity, were selected fonts and background colors. The classic combination of blue-blue tones was taken as the basis. Their interweaving is traced in the logo, letterheads, envelopes, business cards and other POS-products. Unified concept helps to solve the main task – to achieve brand awareness and positive perception of it.