Branding. Forum of the creative industry


PLOSCHADKA is a forum of the creative industry, which brings together creative and motivated people working in different fields. The aim of the development of corporate identity and logo was to convey a sense of space and plane that was able to do by using a variety of different techniques.

As the logo a sign was adopted which combines three caps the SCH, which are carriers of the key information about the event structure: S-SALE, C-CREATIVE, H-HUMAN RESOURCES. Graphical text processing allowed us to get lettering corresponding to the assigned tasks. In order to emphasize the feeling of space, while depicting of the logo on different elements such methods as overlay and transparency were used.

The main brand colours were chosen mint, pink and yellow. Such “mosaic” captures the spirit of the event, its versatility and creative direction. The basic palette is used not only for depicting characters, but also for the design of the various elements of branded products: plates, badges, stationery. Corporate colours allow you to create a certain mood and associations.