Branding for Mini-bakery “Sofia”


Corporate identity of the mini-bakery “Sofia” is a reflection of its easy cordiality, proximity to the people and traditions. One look at the logo of a small enterprise is enough to realize that its whole baking is the result of caring hands and use of home recipes. Features of the image, design and colours are all designed to bring consumer confidence and the desire to make products from the “Sofia” a part of their daily lives.

Logo of the mini-bakery is a girl in the Ukrainian national clothes, who holds the title. Each of its letters is a stylized image of bagels, croissants and other pastries, which the girl stretches to the guests with the traditional generosity and hospitality. The simplicity and clarity of the image, soft streamlined shapes of all its elements, and also the use of familiar colours allows it to bring together the buyer and the manufacturer.

While creating a corporate identity we used actively elements of national symbols: clothing, jewelry, colouristics. Intertwining in mind with eternal values, the brand has all the potential chances gradually to become a traditional companion of every family and take its rightful place on every table.