Corporate identity for Manufactoring – building company RBS


RBS – production and construction company, the goal of which is to establish itself as a serious implementer and partner, as well as to win a strong position among the competitors. Considering its field of activity, work was carried out to create a logo, corporate identity and other branding components, aimed at forming a positive attitude of the target audience.

As company’s logo was accepted abbreviation of the RBS, the letters of which are arranged in such a way as to create a stylized image of the house. Pithiness and minimalism of design make it possible to emphasize the commitment of RBS, its vector to achieve the main purposes. Taking into consideration fixed visual image laws in the logo’s construction ensures its free placement at any carriers.

Blue and green were chosen the main colours of corporate identity. In psychology, this colour scheme means confidence, determination, growth and development. Noble palette allows to create the aura of a successful company at a glance, to set up potential customers and partners to cooperation.

The selected colour scheme has been used to create templates of office documents, advertising and exhibition printing, business cards, stationery and other elements.