Packaging design for Amber soap of Verana


The idea of packaging design for Verana soap from the most elite Amber series is gathered from life itself: a lot of people were holding real amber – warm and sunny, and many people know that it is soft and vulnerable – one needs to keep it wrapped in a cloth in order to avoid scratching. Unusual packaging for the amber soap is completely different from our usual classic design. It makes an impression that there’s a piece of natural amber hidden under the cloth. Even at first sight you’ll feel some powerful positive energy emanating from seemingly such familiar object as soap.

The main feature of the Verana cosmetics is the complete absence of synthetic components, and it is always handmade.This elite cosmetics has a large circle of admirers, who know how to appreciate the unique recipes and perfect quality. Presented packaging seems to return you in the time when everything had its individual, lovingly handmade wrap.Each bar of Amber soap with Verana logo differs with both individuality of the product itself, and its unique presentation. Natural soap ingredients are also emphasized.