Bottle packaging design in Art Nouveau style


Mikola Zimniy is a craft beer, which is distinguished by its unique composition and original shades of taste transitions. Made by hand, it has absorbed only natural ingredients and unusual additives, interesting for true connoisseurs.

The basis of the drink is barley malt, supplemented by non-traditional trick: extracts of basidiomycetes “Lin-czhi” and “Enoki”. Legendary fungi are rich in vitamins B, C, D, saturated with albumen, potassium, iron; contain proteins, essential and nonessential acids. Both components have anti-cancer properties and improve the body’s immune response.

The streamline shape of the bottle and its laconic design in the style of Art Nouveau helps to make a focus on organic and to emphasize the luxury of taste of the fungal stout. Flowing lines, specific for the natural forms of flora and fauna, the use of natural colors and their combinations – that’s all is designed to help the customer to recognize at a glance an organic product with rich content.

Deep brown and green colors, selected as the basic background, and also matte surface – this is one more another opportunity to convey information about the class and the nobility of the presented beverage. This is a proposal to guess behind the velvety label the entire depth of taste, slowly, enjoy the tactile sensations and evaluate the original malt bouquet.

A striking label’s accent is the male profile with abundant mustache. They are decorated with colorful ornament, in which natural motives dominate: depiction of spikes, hop, fungi, and other elements. Intertwining each other, just like the beverage ingredients, they form a harmonious unity and excite the imagination.

Mikola Zimniy and is an original fungal stout that will attract admirers by the rich composition and unusual combination of ingredients. This organic craft beer will please with new taste feelings and will enrich the range of your favorite drinks.