Packaging design for the New Year candy box for the “MARS”


New Year is a magic time when everybody waits for a miracle and presents. “MARS”, the manufacturer of favorite sweets all over the world, decided to make real surprise for all sweet-teeth: they decided to put different sweets into one box adding special firm bonus – cheerful board game. We had to depict the box’s content in its packaging.

First of all, our designers managed to emphasize attention of potential purchasers on the offered firm sweets of “MARS” – for this purpose there are a lot of noticeable bars, chocolates, biscuits, gums and surely lots of multicolored M&M’s on all sides of the box which allegedly say – here is something interesting. There is a play with cards inside the box which one has to cut out and have some fun with friends and parents. On the inner side of the packaging the whole action cycle is drawn, which explains how to play. By the way, while important “adult”, a little naive and ridiculous, the most popular Yellow and Red are ordinary busy shooting in advertising, their kids – little funny m&m’s candies play in the proposed game. But, like all children, kids-candies like to indulge in pranks… Their monkey tricks are depicted in bright, attractive and durable cardboard cards.

Undoubtedly, our designers managed to solve a very complex problem of 2in1 and transmit promise to the parents: here is the most delicious and fun baby gift for the New Year under the tree.