Web development for innovation product for German company

Web Development

In order to represent worthily the PayWorks Company on the Internet and show its broad functionality to the target audience, there’s been developed an adaptive website with animation. This approach has helped to solve several problems at once:
• to attract the attention of visitors;
• to acquaint users with the new payment gateway;
• to provide an opportunity to view the site using any mobile device.

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Empowering commerce


In order to make the resource comfortable for every user of the Internet, once was carried out the development of adaptive website. This not only led to the loyalty of some of the search engines, but also had a positive impact on conversion. An integrated approach helps to keep visitors on the site, makes it convenient to study it using both a desktop computer and a phone.


Payment gateway technology for every business

Website has been developed taking into account the fact that the potential customer can see all the advantages of the new product at a glance. For this purpose, its basic characteristics were collected into three blocks and were denoted by large icons. Information under the graphics detail reveals the basic essence. Animation in web programming has played an equally important role. Used techniques made the website interesting, lively and vivid.

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