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Landing page development for creative industries forum is designed not only to inform the users concerned about the future of the event, but also to motivate them to participate in it.

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Realizing how difficult it is to organize and set yourself up for the working mood in the summer, we focused on the fact that the possibility to combine professional development with the interesting rest is quite real. Considering the image of business people in beach tunics, potential participant imagines immediately the future prospects and transfers mentally to the hot coast. All the important information on the page is presented in such a way that the user is able at a glance to get answers to the questions “what”, “where?” and “when?” takes place, and also easy to find contacts for the registration.

Aroused interest of the target audience, further information reveals the essence of the event more detailed. It focuses on that for whom the event will be important and meaningful, and also what the participants would receive after its visit. The sequence of the expounded data, briefness, and also the use of branding elements of the corporate identity allowed covering the event as efficiently as possible.

Parallel to the development of the Landing page we have carried out the work on the creation of its mobile version. Such approach made it possible to cover users of different gadgets who make up a significant part of the target audience. Mobile page has kept all the important information and provided convenience of its consumption.