Catalogue creation for Amber line for beauty brand Verana

Promotional print and POSM

Known for its incomparable quality of exclusive handmade products “Verana” company introduced a new line of luxury skincare products based on amber. Latvia is a storehouse of this unique stone, and all means of amber line cosmetics of “Verana” contain 100% natural Baltic amber, processed using a patented technology.

There was a task for our agency to create a catalogue of these unique cosmetics, which could include disclose the dignity, usefulness and uniqueness of the product to its potential consumers and sellers of goods in the most complete, accessible and attractive way.

We selected the idea of the classic presentation, in which vivid and memorable photos of cosmetics and pictures with the results of their application are combined with a detailed description of the properties of the “amber” collection of “Verana” and interesting facts about the solar stone amber. This approach allowed us to present on the catalogue’s pages the arguments in favor of the acquisition of this particular product in a convenient form for the customer.

Simplicity, clarity and effectiveness of verbal exposition about the healing properties of amber, the description of cosmetics production technology based on it, and its positive impact on the skin and health are supported by the fascinating imagination graphic elements, filled with mystical colour and shining light. There are also used historical facts and myths about this magic stone, experts’ opinions and the results of laboratory tests.

Catalogue of “Verana” cosmetics based on amber is a vivid example of successful advertising, which inspired images motivate the desire to purchase these products immediately.