Michelstadt promo booklet

Promotional print and POSM

Design of the promo booklet for classical German beer “Michelstadt Brewery” has pulled together all the information in order to concentrate customers’ attention at the naturalness and high quality of the product which belongs to the premium segment. There are no new characters – everything is traditionally and understandably: water, hop, company with a private brewery with 300-years history – and here’s the excellent German beer.

The front side is performed in a juicy green colour, like fresh grass. In the beer glass-shaped window there is untouched nature of Odenvald and there’s firm beer glass filled with cooled golden drink at the wooden bridge near by the lake’s shore. Just one look at it causes desire to taste the beer. Central slogan “Life is too short to drink bad beer” expresses the maximum respect of manufacturers to the customers of their production.

On the other side there’s description of 3 beer sorts. Although the colour scheme attracts attention, we are focused not on the visual information but on the verbal perception. There is maximum of information in two sentences: taste, colour, traditional production technologies.