POS-materials for the crewing agency “Crewplanet”

Promotional print and POSM

For a leading European crewing agency “Crewplanet”, which offers services for staff recruitment and employment for marine and river vessels for shipowners from different countries, By Steps Agency made set of desktop printing and poster POS-materials.

Target audience is potential sailors and marine professionals, who are looking for work in their field. On 8 information modules there’s available in perception complete information about the work of crewing company and the opportunities, which the applicant gets at job, cooperating with it. There’s also information and instructions for action in emergency situations and other problems provided.

Verbal information is centrally maintained through visual presentation content is divided into blocks, highlighted by colour and thematic graphics. After reviewing the content of submitted POS-materials, a potential employee has a powerful incentive to read more information about “Crewplanet” company’s services, visit its website or office. Crewing Agency “Crewplanet” works with shipowners from Europe and the Far East, assembles and manages crews on almost all types of vessels.