Promotional print and POSM

The purpose of B2B POSM for TRANSWELD is to increase brand awareness among potential customers and to position the company as a responsible and reliable partner, backed by dozens of commissioned facilities for the construction of oil and gas pipelines.

TA: heads of large public and private companies involved in gas and oil production, transportation, processing and sale of products. For such a solid audience information about the company is submitted in the form of small blocks of information, which are supported by the actual thematic photos of the construction works and the company’s performance results. For the purpose of easier perception of quite capacious and complicated information the supply concise style was chosen, for what a great analytical work was done: all the background information was deselected and only that which is really relevant for the designated target audience is reflected.

Goals, principles of operation, technical capabilities, the company’s equipment and the advantages of cooperation with TRANSWELD are defined briefly and clearly. The result was a presentable and capacious booklet, which is actively used as a POS-material.