Corporate identity

A professionally designed corporate brand identity – it is a way to convince potential customers to make their choice in favor of the concrete company. By Steps’ team knows how to do work properly so that to contribute to a positive image and inspire confidence of the consumers. On this way we create:

• trademark and unique inscription;
• corporate colours and fonts;
• slogan, brand block, etc.

Working at the each element, we seek for the corporate identity to fulfill its branding, identifying and differentiating features.

How we are working

Corporate brand identity design begins with the collection of information about the company itself, as well as the study of its target audience. As a result of this analysis we pick out its main features and consumer group. Collected data make it possible to build the common conception and determine strategy.

The next step is the production of ideas and images, choosing of the main line and its visualization. There is a choice of colours and fonts, creation of graphics and sketches.

Logo design is an important step in the creation of corporate identity. We are working at it in such a way that this element becomes an essential element to promote your brand, attract attention and remain in memory even after a cursory glance.

Having prepared the main elements, we start working on the creation of their carriers – posters, business cards, calendars, souvenirs, business documents, etc. They all have to be united by the common idea and contain a set of corporate elements. This will support to promote the brand and increase its recognition.

Corporate identity design created by our agency will allow you to get a qualitative image product, efficiently promoting your reputation. Thanks to this, you can:

• reduce the time and cost of preparing of marketing communications;
• strengthen the corporate spirit and unite the employees;
• increase brand awareness and popularity.


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