Logo Design

Logo is one of the key elements of corporate identity, allowing you to leave an imprint in the memory of the consumer. By Steps creative Agency offers to create a logo design that will not only reflect the main features of the brand, will allow it to stand out among competitors, but will also make the logo a powerful promotion tool. Working in several ways, we’ll help to build the communication with the customer and get a response.

Branding, logo design includes:

• creation of a font and spelling of the name;
• development of the color scheme and background textures;
• creation of graphic elements;
• brand marking.

The way to build a creative logo

A good company logo should be simple, understandable to the consumer, while meshing with its originality. To achieve this, we carefully study the client’s company, its activities, features of the products or services. We analyze the market and key trends; work at the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. On the basis of the collected information we formulate the main message of the logo and develop the whole conception.

After this, the work of designers starts. They create corporate logo, taking into account the peculiarities of colours’ perception, the palette of their compatibility, their combination with graphic elements and fonts. The main aim of our specialists, thus, is to ensure the identity and unity of all the company’s promotional materials.

Your dividends of cooperating with us

Using the knowledge, marketing and creative tools, we can create a logo that will form a positive image of the company, increase brand awareness and the effectiveness of advertising. We guarantee its memorability and relevance for many years. As a result of our work you will get an impressive design product, which causes positive emotions and associations and helps to develop and promote your business.

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