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The main tool for implementing positioning is the creative concept. Being engaged in its development, BySteps agency strives to accurately deliver the advertising message to the target audience and maximize the effectiveness of the funds invested in advertising.

The main goal of the creative concept is to create a positive image, to ensure brand recognition and to stand out from the competition. For this, bright slogans, emotional textual and visual images that illustrate the brand’s position are created. Integrated advertising company, united by one idea, will promote high-quality promotion of the brand on offline platforms and in the Internet.

Within the framework of the creative concept, we develop:

  • the legend of the product or company;
  • naming;
  • original  tag line;
  • corporate identity;
  • think through effective methods of promotion;

We work on the content of advertising messages. Creating a creative concept, our team analyzes the market and defines the target audience of the brand, chooses the optimal advertising channels, and also studies the features of consumption of the product or service. As a result of such a comprehensive work, the target audience is increased, the popularity of the brand and the level of sales grow.

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