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To reflect the basic message of the advertising campaign and make the idea understandable to the target audience, BySteps creative agency offers the development of key visual. A key advertising image is easily remembered, creates an image and evokes emotions. Thanks to this, it will allow to establish communications with the target consumer, and also to emphasize the individuality of the brand or products.
Carefully studying the features of your product and analyzing the market, we create a key visual, which:

  • contains the idea of ​​the brand;
  • includes a color solution and fonts;
  • unites the main features of the corporate identity;
  • takes into account sound and music fragments.

After conducting internal audit of the company and highlighting the main points, our experts will create the basis on which all further advertising will be built. It will form positive associations, promote the growth of brand popularity, and hence, sales growth.
Using the key image, we will help make your brand recognizable for every consumer. Regardless of which type of advertising campaign the main bet is made (television, radio, Internet or printing products), our team will create the perfect concept that will create your story. As a result, you can isolate yourself from competitors, acquire a unique image and increase profits.

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