Packaging design

Branded Packaging is one of the most important components of corporate brand style, which is responsible for its visual perception. Careful design of product will ensure the increase of consumers’ demand; will give the opportunity to stand out among the products of other manufacturers. It is proved that in a group of one segment of goods consumer’s choice invariably falls on that one who is able to attract attention, to catch by the original detail, idea or color scheme.

Packaging design development is a laborious process that requires creativity and harmonious teamwork of different specialists. It includes the thorough market research, the study of the target audience and psychology of potential purchaser.

Based on this we:

• develop the overall concept of brand positioning;

• think over distinctive features of the product, according to the corporate identity of the brand;

• create and process colourful graphic elements that will be used to reflect the characteristics of the product and contain certain information promise;

• select the required fonts and colour palette;

• produce a three-dimensional model, which will be presented to the customer.

The ultimate goal of the work of designers and marketers is the new branded packaging, which will not only convenient by transportation, retain its contents well, but also serve as an excellent means to increase the product’s liquidity.

In order to update the brand and adapt it to the needs of today’s consumers, sometimes may need the packaging rebranding. This procedure includes a list of actions aimed at improvement of the basic elements, as well as the excitement of interest in the product. Packaging redesign will allow us to return the lost positions, to strengthen or restore the reputation of the brand and to reach a new level.


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