Presentations creation

Presentation largely affects the company’s image and perception of the offered projects, that’s why the best way is to trust its development to the specialists. By Steps creative Agency, having rich experience in professional creation of the presentations, will help to introduce your brand, product or service at the highest level.

Good presentation will help to visualize company’s tasks, to present effectively any information, to influence the success of the project. Depending on the task assigned by the customer, our team can:

• create a presentation from layered PSD files which will be saved to PDF-file;
• prepare a dynamic presentation in PowerPoint;
• develop templates that will help you to create business presentations in a single corporate design;
• offer preparation of the vector presentation, which will be printed.

The main stages of work

Creation of the effective presentation requires knowledge, creativity and application of technical advances. Work at any order we start with an analysis of the original data: we study the features of the brand and the company, pick out the strengths of the product or service, in order to emphasize them. We review the statistics; we make a comprehensive assessment of the audience and set the main purposes.

Based on the systematization of the studied data, we develop a strategy and identify methods to achieve results. While designing structure of the presentation, we try to place the information in such a way that it can catch the audience right from the first minute; and supporting it with the right illustrations allows to create a necessary impression.

As a result of the cooperation with our team, you will get the original final product that will help you to convey the necessary information to the target audience and get feedback. Due to competent building of the presentations by our experts, the use of multimedia effects and animations, you will be able to focus on the relevant details, will help the audience to understand the new information and to learn it better.


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