Web Development

In order to make the resource able to fulfil its task, be flexible, attractive and stand out among the competitors, you need a professional website programming. By Steps team gathered specialists who perform both writing of server-side scripts and creating of a client-side part of the portal.

Back-end development includes:

• creation of scripts that interact with databases;
• scripts that handle file archives, text and graphic information;
• implementation of interactive modules (feedback, forums);
• creation of additional modules, including e-mail, message boards, etc .;
• establishment of an advanced search, and so on.

Websites programming also includes creation of the user-friendly interface, original design and layout of the resource template. Working in all directions, we provide vital functions of the portal, its development and effectiveness.

Ways to achieve

It’s possible to provide a resource interaction with your target audience, combining the front-end development and creation of server-side scripts. Our efforts are aimed at the integration of the website with popular social networks, its modifying for convenient mobile surfing, the use of web design to attract and retain potential customers. Possession of the HTML-layout, CSS, and server-side languages ​​allows us to provide services at a high professional level. We will be able to create a site from scratch or upgrade an existing resource, add new services or information in it. Based on the needs and scale of the Internet project, we choose a content management system (CMS), which will turn obtained during the imposition blank into a functioning portal.

As a result of coordinated work of our specialists, you get a dynamic, interactive website, accessible to all search engines. We are responsible for resource efficiency, and will do everything so that it can sell your products, services and represent the brand at a decent level.

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Web Development