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Today, modern society lives in a constant movement and progress so it is not surprising that every year the attendance of resources using tablets and smartphones is increasing steadily. Design and implementation of mobile-friendly website is not just a nice bonus but a necessity dictated by the desire to be among the first. Here are services from By Steps team:

content adaptation to different mobile devices;

design of mobile-friendly websites from scratch;

• design development of any portal for IOS or Android;

programming of mobile version.

The process of development a mobile-friendly website

To make a mobile website that will be effective and functional, we eliminate unnecessary elements weighting the page, generate specialized layout that provides accelerated loading and adapt all the features for the convenience of surfing the Internet via mobile devices.

We develop various graphics solutions for visual design of the mobile version after examining the concept of the brand, so you could choose the design between several options. If you already have a ready design model, our experts can perform the layout and programming, ensuring the stability and smooth operation of the portal.

The development of a mobile website also includes a preliminary analysis of the site session, technical project drafting and content of pages. Control of project startup and its subsequent maintenance will guarantee the effectiveness of the website.

An updated version for the gadgets will preserve the integrity of the design and will guarantee qualitative display of all information. Independently of the screen size or Internet browser, your portal will retain a comfortable usability and original design. Access to the mobile-friendly website will improve viewership and user loyalty, as well as will boost profits, sales, and brand popularity.

Difference between mobile and adaptive web site you can check here

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