PPC (Pay per click)
Website promotion

PPC refers to one of the most effective methods of website promotion. Using all its advantages, our creative agency will help you to explore the market, to establish contact with potential customers and ensure a rapid inflow of target visitors.

We offer:

• placement of contextual advertising on qualitative online marketplaces of Yandex.Direct;
• text, graphic and WAP-advertising on Google;
• targeting by geography and other criteria;
• full support of the project;
• timely changes to improve effectiveness.

The main stages of our work

After determining the subject area and the theme of your website, we make up the semantic core of the key queries. At this stage we select key words which will help users to find your site. Then we make a short text with “catchy” information and think through effective headline. All this will motivate visitors to go to your portal and promote your site.

After determining the budget and the timing of the advertising campaign, we will carry out the setting of parameters and launch the content. It will start working almost immediately, providing great number of views and sales growth (search engine optimization does not give such quick results).

In order to ensure the effectiveness of PPC and constantly promote the site, we provide a daily analysis of the project’s work index; adjust the key queries, and other elements.

The advantages of cooperating with our creative agency

Ordering contextual advertising by us, you get a positive result right from the first day of placement. Herewith you will pay for transitions of users, who are exceptionally aimed at your product and are interested in your company’s offer. PPC allows you to be flexible, to respond quickly to changes and to adjust your strategy.

Cooperating with us, you receive ongoing support, regular reports and flexible control of spending. You will be able to control the situation and to monitor the increase in applications from the website.

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