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By Steps creative agency offers its services in the websites SEO-promotion, performing full complex of works from the initial analytics to the maintenance and support of the resource. Our team’s actions are aimed at achieving long-term results, and include:

• website SEO-audit;
• work on the semantic core;
• website adaptation to the given queries;
• internal optimization of the resource, control of its filling with qualitative content;
• creation of the convenient and optimized navigation;
• timely correction for the most effective promotion.

Moving up

Website promotion using SEO-tools includes a list of works. In the process of resource audit we determine the strategy and outline the common work plan, examine the quality of pages indexing in search engines, and make correction.

Creation of semantic core involves the selection of key phrases, which will not only reflect the thematic focus of the page, but will attract the main target audience to the website. We select and analyze a lot of high- and low-frequency keywords, selecting from them those that will provide the maximum conversion.

Then we make the URL and create texts optimized for key queries and set up all the system files of the website.

In order to ensure stable positions of your website in search engine rankings, we have abandoned the use of automated services that sell links – each of them is selected manually.

Promotion, search engine optimization, implemented by our team, will provide your website leading positions in the search engines, a steady flow of new customers and costs reduction. Cooperating with us you will be able to express yourself all around the world and leave the competitors far behind, to get a cost-effective website and give an impulse to the promotion of your business.

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