SMM (Social Media Marketing)
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Social media united people from all over the world, that’s why SMM-promotion allows you to communicate with your target audience directly. This method is very perspective and does not require large financial costs. By Steps team will help you to solve effectively the business challenges of your brand, using advertising on social networks.

Our main directions of work include:

• development of concepts and strategies to promote your site;
• selection of the most popular online marketplaces;
• promotion of communities the creation of groups;
• studying of opinions about the brand, which will allow us to keep track of the negative trends and to take measures in time;
• participation in forums and discussions, the creation of new thematic discussions;
• the use of targeted advertising.

The complex of conducted measures will allow us to form a positive image of the company or product, as well as to spread information about the brand among users.

The basic steps to achieve the goal

For the maximum return from the accomplished work, we use several effective tools of promotion at the same time. Our team creates and maintains thematic microblogs on popular networks, develops groups and publics in order to acquaint the audience with the brand or product. We conduct contests, sweepstakes and promo actions on the website, allowing us to stimulate users’ interest and attract new visitors. Posting reviews and articles in the communities, we expand the range of potential customers, increase attendance of the resource.

Our methods of website promotion also include analytical work, which means monitoring networks, studying reviews and correction of opinions by increasing positive statements.

By entrusting us to work on the image of your company or product, you’ll get increase in customer loyalty, their attraction to your website, increase in sales and profits, as well as an extension of your business. We will help to erase horizons and provide unlimited opportunities for growth.

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